Operation: detangling curls. To brush or not to brush?

All curly girls know it’s hard to take to a brush. If you comb the curls, you may end up looking like Hagrid. If you don’t brush at all, you won’t be able to detangle the hair one day. To brush or not to brush then? Let’s go through the best ways to take control of unruly curls!


There are lots of benefits of having curly hair. When other women struggle with a curling wand, you simply wash your curls and let them dry. Sadly, the natural curl has some downsides too. Curls like to tangle and brushing them is a challenge. If you try to smooth them out without enough knowledge, you are highly likely to end up with damaged tresses. That is why it’s time to catch up and learn how to comb out curly hair safely. This isn’t tricky but we must know the secrets of the most experienced hairdressers!

Brushing curls: wet or dry?

Many curly-haired girls try to forget the painful memories of their mums struggling to detangle their curly strands, treating them like any other type. This way of brushing dry curls usually ended up with pain, tears and frizzy strands that no longer looked like hair… Obviously this was caused by ignorance on the topic.

Thankfully, now we know that curly hair must be brushed while it’s wet. It doesn’t matter if people tell you that wet hair is more delicate and prone to physical damage. Curls make an exception and must be combed wet, period. Unless you want to end up with the head of flyaways again!

Detangling products for curly hair. What’s going to make the task easier?

You can make the detangling routine easier with the right products. You must try different cosmetics to get the best one for your curls and boast lovely, bouncy and (above all!) healthy hair.

  1. HAIR CONDITIONER – this is an essential product in a curly girl’s hair-care kit. Without it, you can’t detangle the curls even when they’re wet. The right conditioner aids in enhancing the curl and reducing the frizz. It aims to envelope the hair with a super-thin layer that makes tresses smooth so the comb easily glides from the roots to the ends. The best method involves brushing the hair after applying a conditioner.
  2. HAIR OIL – oil is another great curl enhancer. Applied to hair, it leaves a smoothening and shine-boosting coating. Remember that hair oil treatment works well for curls, repairing and protecting them e.g. against the humidity frizz – the top enemy of curls, making the tresses go unruly and super-frizzy.

Best accessories to detangle curls. What to use?

We already know that curls must be brushed when wet and conditioners or oils are the most helpful. Now, let’s learn what accessories to use to avoid damage. The choice of tools for curly-hair styling and detangling is huge. There are different shapes of combs and brushes. However, instead of going for fancy accessories, concentrate on hair care. For brushing, choose a wooden wide-tooth comb or… your fingers! Contrary to appearances, brushes aren’t good for curly hair. You should also avoid all kinds of accessories that are made from synthetic material or have sharp elements.