Hair mask – make it work better! The proven ways

Hair looking like you just visited the hairdresser? Can you achieve this effect at home? Of course! All you need is a good hair mask. We will tell you all you need to know so that the hair mask can work more effectively and simply better. After such treatment, your hair will look like straight from a hair salon. Ready for a revolution?


How to apply a hair mask so that it can work better?

1. On a towel-dried hair

Apply the hair mask on towel-dried hair – this is the recommendation often provided by the hair mask manufacturers but in reality, hardly anyone sticks to it. Is it this important whether you apply the hair mask on towel-dried hair? As it turns out, it matters a lot because the water dilutes the mask making it less effective. What is more, it runs down the hair so it is not applied correctly. It is relevant especially when you need to keep the mask on for a bit longer and want it to affect hair for the entire 15 minutes that it is on.

2. On combed hair

Before you apply the hair mask, gently comb the hair after you towel-dried it. Use a special comb with wide-tooth. Once you apply the hair mask, take the comb again and run it through the hair because it will allow you to distribute the cosmetic evenly. This way, the hair mask will reach every individual hair. Instead of a comb, you can use a Tangle Teezer brush.

3. Do not use the shampoo when rinsing down the hair mask

Hair masks happen to be thick and heavy because are filled with highly nourishing substances. If you feel like a hair mask made your hair heavy, you should use less of it the next time (it is probably highly efficient). Avoid using the hair mask on the scalp and at the roots unless the producer recommends otherwise.

All in all, remember not to rinse it with shampoo because you will reopen the hair cuticles and remove the protective layer that the mask created. It is very important because the coat protects hair against the damage and works as a shield that won’t allow toxins, smog, or UV to get to the hair.

4. Use a shower cap and do the hair sauna

Some hair masks require it, for some, it is not necessary but the truth is that once in a while you can do that with every hair mask. The sauna created on hair makes all substances of the hair mask is absorbed better and work on deeper hair layers to nourish the hair.

The heat rises the hair cuticles and makes hair mask able to reach deeper. Remember to rinse that hair mask with cool water once you finish the treatment to close the cuticles and provide hair with gloss.

5. Take care of hair ends separately

Hair ends is a special and quite delicate part of the hair and those require more involvement from you when it comes to caring because are with you the longest and are often more damaged than the rest of the hair. After you wash the hair and rinse the hair mask, use a special serum for hair ends – rub it in thoroughly and gently┬áin the hair to see as it will get damaged slower and look healthier. Remember also that split ends should be trimmed because those cannot be glued back on.