Morning Hair Struggles. How to Wake Up with Great Hairdo?

There are two types of people: those who look stunning the moment they wake up and those who fight a losing battle against the unruly strands every morning. If you belong to the other group, you will surely use a few tips for nighttime hair care making your strands easy to manage and good-looking in the morning.


Your day has been tough, you lie on the bed and think you need to get up early the next day and there won’t be enough time to do the… hair. You wish it looked good as soon as you open your eyes. Is that possible?

See the best ways to tame unruly strands and make them look their best after the hardest night. This guide has been made for all people waking up to out-of-this-world hairdos!

Hair to sleep: to let it down or not?

The most important thing that keeps long-haired girls awake. Should you put your hair up or let it down to sleep? The answer is simple: it’s better to tie hair up. To avoid weak follicles and feeling uncomfy, don’t tie it too tight but you should definitely not leave it loose!

There are very few people who don’t toss and turn in sleep. While you move around in your bed, your strands brush against the bedsheets and tangle. This is likely to lead to micro-damage and split ends as well as to static and frizz. Then you struggle to detangle the knots in the morning and you actually look as if struck by lightning.

So, you should definitely tie your hair up before bed to save yourself the morning struggles. Which hairdos are the most practical? Messy braid or messy bun will give you lovely waves in the morning.

Can you fall asleep with wet hair?

The wet-hair sleeping is another thing we must bring up. Can you sleep calmly if your strands haven’t dried yet? This is a dilemma of people who shampoo in the evening. Let us put it straight: you can’t go to sleep with wet hair! Why? Because wet strands are way more fragile and prone to damage. So, plan your day so there’s enough time to air-dry or blow-dry (cool airflow of course) the hair before drifting to sleep.

Good habit: nighttime hair oil treatment

This is a very good remedy for girls who want to enjoy a lovely hairdo in the morning but have no time to care for it. You just apply a chosen hair oil, rub it into the scalp and hair for in-depth nourishing. The bad thing is you need to shampoo in the AM but this sacrifice surely pays off.

When oil stays on your hair throughout the night, it conditions the strands and strengthens the follicles but also protects against damage. The hair’s night life is very intense: hair repairs and rests after a busy day while the scalp clears itself of toxins, for instance. And nighttime oil treatment aids them in this intensive process. It preps the strands for the upcoming day, delivering elasticity, softness and shine. Healthy hair equals stunning hair that needs no styling.

Is it possible to style the hair during sleep?

Sure it is! You don’t need to wake up to scary-looking stringy strands! You just need to use a simple trick so your hair looks as if you just left the salon.

Overnight hairstyles are very simple to create. You can put hair in a bun, braid it or use soft rollers. Choose the style that suits you the most and you feel the most comfortable wearing. Before you do your hair, see some nighttime hairstyles and the effects they create. For example, a messy bun gives soft waves, braids add volume while rollers give you breathtaking curls. Try out different hairstyles to find the best one!