Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair Daily Oil-Elixir

Gliss Kur Daily Oil-Elixir contains two finest natural conditioning oils which make your hair shiny and soft. Thanks to an extraordinary formula, it provides very damaged and dry hair with effective action.schwarzkopf-gliss-kur-hair-repair-daily-oil-elixir

Oils and other ingredients

The list of ingredients of Gliss Kur Daily Oil-Elixir is short, which is a plus. Among other substances, there are only two oils. The first one is sunflower seed oil which excellently locks in moisture and adds shine. The other one is argan oil – well-known as the best remedy for high porosity hair. It offers strong repairing properties.

Sadly, Gliss Kur Daily Oil-Elixir isn’t based exclusively on oils which are recommended for very sensitive hair. Light silicones, which can be washed down with a delicate shampoo, prevail among the ingredients. Benzyl alcohol – very harmful for hair – can cause the most damage.

It may cause frizz and dryness while using Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair Daily Oil-Elixir.

Repairing damaged hair

Gliss Kur Elixir with conditioning oils is a product designed for every-day care of damaged and dry strands. The hair oil delivers invincible protection and improves its look. Active ingredients penetrate inside your hair, strengthen and nourish. The main task of Schwarzkopf Daily Oil-Elixir is complex protection from further damage. Unfortunately, the product is unable to regenerate the strands.

Applying Gliss Kur Hair Repair is a much better way to improve its appearance than repair damage. The product makes detangling easier, prevents tangling and facilitates styling. Protected hair is more shiny, softer and looks better as long as we use it moderately. Due to alcohols, the cosmetic may raise your hair cuticles even more and make your strands frizzy and very dry.

Application tips

There is a handy pump which makes the application easier. 1-2 pumps are enough to cover your hair from mid-lengths to ends. Gliss Kur Daily Oil-Elixir is unsuitable for scalp oiling and it cannot be applied to the roots. The manufacturer recommends three ways of application which decide about the effects. If you apply the oil before washing, you provide deep nourishment. Applied after washing, onto damp strands, it delivers softness and facilitates detangling. If you apply the oil to dry wisps, it tames, protects and adds shine.

Extra information

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Daily Oil-Elixir is widely available. The design isn’t impressive – a tiny bottle made of a poor quality plastic. However, it is quite handy. Schwarzkopf oil for damaged hair is dense and has an intense honey scent. The formula may overburden your strands because of poor absorption.

What are the disadvantages of the product?

  • harmful alcohols
  • only two natural oils
  • very dense formula which can make hair flat
  • unnoticeable action or repair
  • very sweet and suffocating fragrance
  • unsuitable for scalp oiling
  • poor quality plastic bottle