Ranking oils for damaged hair

Women often struggle with the problem of weak hair. Excessive hair loss, brittleness and dullness can usually be observed before winter or when spring begins. Our hair needs support that we can provide e.g. through balanced diet and complex hair oiling.

Well-kept and beautiful hair is - most of all – healthy hair. We cannot take care of our good looks from the outside only. We must take care of our hair from the inside. Strong hair bulbs require proper diet. Ingredients that come with hair products also have an influence on our strands. Therefore, a hair oil is a perfect addition to complex hair care that is aimed at a problem.

How to do hair oiling for gorgeous shine?

Hair oiling is as important as varied diet. Proper diet isn’t enough to achieve surprising effects. Natural oils are the source of precious substances that cannot be found in food (or only in small quantities).

  • essential unsaturated (or saturated) fatty acids,
  • vitamins beneficial to hair,
  • phytosterols (plant sterols) which control intracellular processes.

Regular hair oil treatment may bring numerous benefits. The effect of strong and nourished hair is visible after the very first application of the oil. Your hair becomes softer, smoother and nice to the touch. Replenishing vitamins and fatty acids will regenerate your strands. Hair oils deliver resilience and shine.

However, every good quality hair conditioner can provide such effects but hair oils offer even more valuable properties. A well-chosen hair oil: eliminates dandruff, baldness and greyness, prevents brittleness and excessive hair loss and closes raised cuticles in high porosity hair.

The best oils for damaged (high porosity) hair must contain lots of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are non-penetrating oils which have large particles. They cover weak hair with a protective coat and seal highly raised cuticles. Products with oils for high porosity hair will work best as an enhancing and rebuilding treatment.

Garnier Fructis Serum Goodbye Damage

Garnier Fructis Serum Goodbye Damage hair oil is in fact a silicone serum. It is called a ‘bandage’ on split ends. The brand promises 77% fewer split ends but binding split ends back together is open to doubt. Oils and other ingredients According to the label, Garnier Fructis …

How to nourish hair to keep it beautiful?

Hair oiling is the first step towards strong and healthy hair. Keep in mind that natural hair oils are the most beneficial to hair. They works inside the hair and suit all hair types. Variety of oils and their uses makes it possible for every woman to find an ideal hair oil. However, before choosing an oil that works for you, check what is inside the hair oils.

What minerals do hair oils contain?

Hair loves mineral ingredients. Their deficit may lead to hair loss, brittleness and greying. Zinc, copper and silicon are the most important. This trio can be delivered to your body with: sweet almond oil, pumpkin oil or sunflower oil.

  • Zinc – participates in the creation of protein; provides proper hair growth.
  • Copper – essential to melanin production – natural pigment in hair.
  • Silicon – prevents and decreases brittleness and hair loss.

Which vitamins can be found in hair oils?

We must replenish the vitamins in damaged and weak hair in particular. The most wanted vitamins are: A, B5, B7, C, E, B6 and B12. If we lack some of them but have lots of the others – it may have a harmful influence on the condition and appearance of our hair.

  • A – speeds up restoration of cells and production of keratin.
  • B5, B7 – stimulate hair growth, enhance development of cells.
  • C – works as an antioxidant, protects hair from damaging factors.
  • E – vitamin of youth, improves the skin's micro-circulation, facilitates absorption.
  • B6, B12 – strengthens hair, prevents hair loss.